Civi911 a service of AGH Strategies

Civi911 is on-call support for CiviCRM users. Civi911’s specialists know nonprofits’ needs and are based right here in Washington, DC.

No long-term commitment needed: it’s an affordable way to get a little help right when you need it. Backed by the full-service CiviCRM experts at AGH Strategies, Civi911 is your single stop for CiviCRM support.

When you’re stuck

Civi911 can get you through. AGH Strategies’ experienced nonprofit professionals know CiviCRM’s features and quirks, and we can coach you through the most complicated issues.

Get going in three easy steps—learn how!

If things aren’t working

Get the problem diagnosed by our team of CiviCRM experts. AGH Strategies is 100% focused on CiviCRM—Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress. Contact Civi911 for a prompt diagnosis backed by a team that can handle everything from a simple cron setup to reconfiguring your server.

As you start something new

Civi911 is a service of AGH Strategies, leaders in providing CiviCRM training and support. We know (and often develop) new features in CiviCRM, and we understand how nonprofits use these tools through our combined experience in fundraising, organizing, membership, governance, and social services.

With open-source tools like CiviCRM, there are often several ways to accomplish the same goal. Our experience working with all kinds of organizations helps us give you advice you can trust and the skills to help you implement it.

  We’re ready to help you   start by sharing your issue  

Civi911 in three quick steps


Submit your problem

Visit our form to explain what’s wrong, tell us how you’d like us to reach you, and pay by credit card.


Gather your information

To offer help, we’ll need to log into your site—and potentially access your files, database, and server panel or command line. Get together as much of this information as possible so we can hit the ground running when we talk with you.


We’ll give you a call

You can choose what way we contact you, whether via phone, email, or video chat. We’ll review your initial description of the problem and then contact you to get your login information and talk through the issue. We might be able to fix it right there with you, or we might call back within an hour with what we find.

What does it cost?

A Civi911 call costs $295, which includes up to 75 minutes of work on the part of a specialist. If your problem is bigger than that, we'll tell you as soon as that becomes clear, and you can decide whether it’s worth the extra cost. Work beyond 75 minutes is billed at $200 per hour, in 3-minute increments.

Can I get a discount for being a regular customer?

Certainly! You can arrange in advance to be a regular, ongoing client, billed at a lower hourly rate for all work, and the minimum charge per issue is just 15 minutes. If you pay for a chunk of time in advance, it’s even more affordable: 5% off for a prepayment of 15 hours or more, and 10% off for prepaying 40 hours or more.

Civi911 is your second level of support